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Ireland has undergone unprecedented constitutional and social change over the past decade which have sharply challenged the existing model of state-funded Catholic education. The paucity of authentic Catholic education and school-based faith formation, has coincided with rapidly declining academic standards. The dependence on Irish state financial support hopelessly limits the capacity of  Ireland's existing Catholic schools to respond to this crisis.

Under the patronage of Our Lady of Knock, Queen of ireland, Mater Dei Academy is the new paradigm for independent, Catholic second-level education in Ireland. Mater Dei Academy is authentically and unapologetically Catholic. Our education model sees every learning opportunity as leading our students to the ultimate Beauty and Truth, which is God. Our Academy excels in teaching and learning, is inspired by classical tradition, and is led by an active lay community of teachers and parents. Students at Mater Dei Academy are taught by experienced, highly-qualified and motivated staff, providing teaching excellence in small classes to the highest international standards.  Mater Dei Academy is the beating heart for a new missionary pulse which seeks to revitalise Irish and European society with the values and traditions of our Catholic forefathers. 

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